Securus Connects For families who find travel difficult or impossible, Securus Tablets can make a huge difference in the way families stay connected. After becoming a caretaker for two ill family members, Cedric Dean’s mother, Betty, was no longer able to make the trip to the prison where Cedric was housed.

The two, who are now inseparable, were unable to see each other for nearly five years. Cedric was relocated to a facility with a Tablet program where they were able to regularly communicate using the tablet device. The program also provided Cedric with tools to help fulfill his mission to help the community upon release.

The Story of Cedric Dean


Securus Connects Russell Roberts

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Securus Connects Russell Roberts

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Family and Friends Quotes

  • I bought stamps on JPay day. I love the JPay services. Quickly get transactions done. When with the Securus phone service being integrated in JPAY.

    — Annetta

  • Can I just say how AWESOME it is for the inmates to be able to correspond quicker with a JPAY tablet? My husband has one and we are emailing everyday. Way to go!!

    — Sylvia Wiggins

  • Thank you JPay for the awesome service that keeps my husband and i connected every day!! Blessings!

    — Shelia McClellan

  • I just want to say how excited my fiance and I are with his JPAY Tablet. We are able to keep in contact with each other through emails everyday.

    — Lora Hammon

Securus Connects helps families stay together even in the worst of times.

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